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The Furry  Hangout

We're a brand new furry community that's built on a foundation of just being chill! We have big plans for our future and would love if you joined us!


Our Community

Some quick info about our wonderful community!


We often host community events to rally people around that's open for all members! This can range from Movie Nights, Game Nights, Talent shows and more! Some events may also have special prizes for participants!

Game Servers

One thing we've always had apart of our server has been game servers! From Minecraft to FiveM, if there's a game you'd like us to host a server for, let us know and we'll try to make it happen!      

Friendly Community

Being such a small new server gives us an advantage of having a tight knit friendly community! If big servers overwhelm you, this is your home! We can't wait to talk to you!    


Who we are 

We're a brand new small tight knit furry community, with a goal of having an active, friendly staff team, without all the drama and favouritism that can be found in larger servers! We encourage our staff to be active in the community, and befriend our community members.   

Outside of striving for a drama free friendly staff team, we do event nights as much as possible! Currently our team is small, so it can be hard to always have something going on, but as we grow we plan to heavily focus on community engagement and doing more activities that you guys suggest!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get these questions a lot, so we decided to put them here!

We have a dedicated channel for memes in the server to keep our main text channels clean! :)

We have a pending section for new members to help limit raiders, follow the instructions in the channels visible and you'll get approved ASAP! All approvals are done manually so they may take some time.

When we're looking for new staff members we'll make an announcement in the server, you must be at least 15 years old and have at minimum level 10 with Kettu!

To get access to our adult sections of the server, DM an 18+ staff member with a photo of your ID with your discord ID written next to it. You can black out any personal information with exception to your birth date.

Please DM a staff member examples of your art and that you are requesting to be verified!